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Manage Staff Expectations for Their Success

Manage Staff Expectations for Their Success

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by Patricia C. McKinnon, R.N., M.S.N., C.C.S., C.P.C., C.C.P., C.C.S.-P.
Are you unhappy or irritated with your staff? Do you suspect they feel the same way about you? Do they seem to resist your every suggestion? Are you perplexed because your staff just doesn?t seem to measure up?when they should be able to?;If you answered ?yes? to these questions, you may have a problem ofmangled expectations. Notice I didn?t say unrealistic expectations. It?s entirely realistic for you to expect staff to be flexible, to meet goals, and to behave professionally?and for them to expect you to be reasonable, flexible, and clear. But these sensible expectations often get mangled.