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Installing Your eBooks on Your Device

READ ME FIRST - Loading eBooks take some getting used to if you haven't done it before. Here are some basic instructions. For more specific instructions, please review your users manual.

Greenbranch eBook files are available in ePUB, .mobi and PDF versions.
  • ePUB is used on most tablets, including iPad, iPhone, B&N Nook, Sony Reader and many others.
  • Amazon Kindle and Fire eBooks are now being distributed exclusively through the Amazon Kindle website. You can find all of our Kindle eBooks here.
  • PDF works on just about everything, and looks like the print book, but may not provide all the nice features your device provides for the other formats (like page flipping, placement on the bookshelf, searching,).

Physician Practice ePUBInstalling on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch Using iBooks
Update: ePUB files now open directly in iBooks on iOS, which means that you can download the ePUB from the Greenbranch Store and open immediately on the iPad/iPhone/iPod.

Physician Practice PDFsInstalling PDFs on your iPad. Make sure you have iBooks or Adobe Reader. Both apps are free. Email the PDF to yourself. Tap and hold down on the PDF or on the PDF icon, and a window will pop up with three options

"Quick Look" - tap that to open the file.
"Open in iBooks" - tap that to open the pdf in iBooks where the file will be saved.
"Open In" - tap that and you can select that the iPad uses to open and save the document. Here's a helpful YouTube video to demonstrate.


Physician Practice Kindle

Amazon Kindle and Fire eBooks are now being distributed exclusively through the Amazon Kindle website. For Kindle Support please refer to this Amazon Support Page.



Physician Practice ePUB
For Nook
  1. Connect the nook to the computer and see the Nook Drive mount
  2. Copy your ePub file to the Nook's My Documents folder
  3. To view it in the Nook, go to My Library
  4. Tap View my Documents
  5. Tap Check for New content.
  6. Select the book

Physician Practice ePUBFor Sony Reader
  1. Connect the Sony Reader to the computer.
  2. Open the Reader Library application (you can find it at
  3. Copy your ePub file to the Reader's My Documents folder.
  4. Sync your reader.


On Your Computer Using Caliber (it's a free program to read eBooks on your desktop or laptop)
  1. Install Caliber (its free) for your system (
  2. Caliber will request you to choose a location for your eBook library.
  3. Drag eBooks on the Caliber interface and they will be copied to your library.
  4. If your iPhone or iPad is connected, then Caliber can also read eBooks from the device.